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Griffin Construction Company was founded by Richard Griffin who began his career as a residential and commercial contractor. By 1979, the company’s inception, Griffin had built a series of nursing homes and began negotiating their own contracts. Soon after, Rick Griffin, Richard’s son, joined the company and Griffin Construction Company dedicated themselves to be a design/build contractor specializing in nursing home construction.

Griffin Construction Featured in Building & Construction Magazine

B&C magazine The winter issue of Building & Construction magazine features a profile of Griffin Construction Company and Griffin Properties of Fort Smith, LLC

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In addition to their nursing home projects, the company continues to work on a few non-nursing home projects including properties owned by Griffin Properties, the real estate development company that has evolved from Griffin Construction.

Being a leader in the nursing home construction industry has provided Griffin Construction superior experience in the field of nursing home building which has led to the company’s financial involvement and now Griffin not only builds and develops nursing homes but also offers a portfolio of homes for lease to other investors and the like.

Over the past 30 years, much has evolved with the company’s growth yet the philosophy of Griffin Construction has remained: “Specialization means economies of scale, which means a quality product at less cost.”

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